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bass banjo
bass banjo player

The Gibson Bass Banjo
Gibson bass banjo player
--- The Noblest Instrument
of Them All

Because of its unusual size and striking appearance the new Gibson Bass Banjo compels instant attention, wherever used ---- and when the majestic tones of its deep, powerful voice boom out none can resist its magic spell.

Never before has a bass banjo of this type been considered as a practical possibility ---- yet the skill and wisdom of Gibson Craftsmen have found the way to build such an instrument, one that is not only practical but practically indispensable in banjo bands, either small or large.
Few instruments can yield greater pleasure to either player or audience than this great bass.for real rhythm it has no substitute. its foundation tones form a rich carpet upon which to spread the melodic voices of higher pitched instruments.

Beautifully finished in ivory with solid perloid peg head stones. Specifically selected white calfskin head all metal parts finished in glistening gun metal.

The New Gibson Bass Banjo is tuned and played the same as the mand-bass - G,D,A,E.

The young lady playing the bass banjo illustrated here is member of the Miss Jean Jenkins's famous all-girl orchestra known as 'The Blue Belles.' The orchestra is considered one of the top-notchers in vaudeville.

Famous orchestra leaders welcome the new Gibson Bass banjo.
(Quoted from Gibson's catalog ,1929)

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