musical instruments drawn
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European painters
baroque guitar
Marguerite Gerard/Artist Painting a Portrait of a Musician
Marguerite Gerard
"Artist Painting a Portrait of a Musician"

baroque guitar
Johannes Vermeer/The Guitar Player
Johannes Vermeer
"The Guitar Player"

baroque mandolin
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo/Girl with Mandolin
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
"Girl with Mandolin"

Han van Meegeren / A woman sitting playing the cittern
Han van Meegeren
"A woman sitting playing the cittern"

Joshua Reynolds / Miss Phillis Hurrell
Joshua Reynolds
"Miss Phillis Hurrell"

Johannes Vermeer / The Love Letter
Johannes Vermeer
"The Love Letter"

english guitar(cittern)
Joseph Wright / Portrait of Mrs. Robert Gwillym
Joseph Wright
"Portrait of Mrs. Robert Gwillym"

harp lute
George Henry Harlow / Catherine Stephens
George Henry Harlow
"Catherine Stephens"

Francesco Trevisani / Young Woman Playing The Lute
Francesco Trevisani
"Young Woman Playing The Lute"

Johannes Vermeer / Woman with a Lute
Johannes Vermeer
"Woman with a Lute"

lyra guitar
Edmund Leighton / Con Amore
Edmund Leighton
"Con Amore"

lyra guitar
Francisco de Goya / Portrait of the Marchioness of Santa Cruz
Francisco de Goya
"Portrait of the Marchioness of Santa Cruz"

Friedrich Von Amerling / Lute player
Friedrich Von Amerling
"Lute player"

an Albertsz Rootius / Lady with a Mandora
Jan Albertsz Rootius
"Lady with a Mandora"

Jean Marc Nattier / Henriette Anne de France
Jean Marc Nattier
"Henriette Anne de France"

Paintings by European painters
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musical instruments drawn by painters